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The Piezon® 250 is based on the EMS Original Piezon® Method. It offers dental scaler users an exceptional treatment experience that boosts their productivity while increasing their overall comfort and that of their patients through the low operating noise and the outstanding quality of both the equipment and the accessories.

This powerful and compact ultrasonic dental scaler offers precise power and irrigation control within a highly ergonomic system and a uniquely sophisticated and refined authentic Swiss design.

Easy to set up, operate and maintain, and fully compatible with all EMS Swiss InstrumentsPM, the Piezon® 250 is the most intuitive of its kind: the Finger-Tip Power Control and the 2-Step 360° Foot Control are the ultimate example of simplicity through design.

Finger-Tip Power Control

Simple and precise power setting with a large ergonomic and effortless finger-tip power regulator, the Piezon® 250 is designed for intuitive use. It includes 35 LED-indicated power increments and a Soft-Perio power zone indicator.


1 x Piezon Handpiece
3 x Instrument Tip – A,P & PS tips
1 x Cord
1 x Bottle 350ml
1 x Foot Switch
EMS devices have been designed and tested for exclusive use with EMS prophylaxis powders.

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