Enamel Plus HFO Opalescent Blue Natural Syringe

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Enamel plus HFO Opalescent Blue Natural OBN composite filler particles are inspired by atmospheric particulates which dictate the skies colour dependent on the refraction of light at any given time. A truly unique feature bringing composite restorations even closer to natural enamel and its endless hues.


1 x 5g Syringe OBN (Opalescent Blue Natural)
Enamel plus HFO Generic Enamels have a high brightness and are warmer in colour as with natural enamel. This allows more natural and discreet restorations with these warmer amber hues resulting in more coverage and excellent integration.

Enamel plus HFO is a unique system offering the optimum in aesthetics with predictable composite reproduction. New Generation HFO Composite is the ideal aesthetic material for the production of indirect crown and bridge restorations.

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