Enamel Plus HFO Polishing Paste Trial Kit

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Diamond paste SHINY A 3 micron

1 x 2g Diamond paste SHINY A 3 micron
1 x 2g Diamond paste SHINY B 1 micron
1 x 35g Shiny paste SHINY C
3 x Goat hair brushes RA Shiny S
3 x Felt disc SHINY FD
3 x Felt wheel SHINY F
1 x Mandrel RA
2 x Air Block SHINY G
1 x Rubber point SHINY 14
2 x SHINY 4 brush for posteriors
4 x SHINY Strips (diamond 5)
4 x SHINY Strips (paper)
Micerium provide everything you need for finishing and polishing of direct aesthetic restorations, laboratory veneers, inlays and crowns made in composite.

The ENAMEL PLUS Shiny Finishing System is a unique technique developed to achieve the highest possible aesthetic results.

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