Enamel Plus HRi Dentine UD1 Tips

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12 x 0.3g Enamel Plus HRi Dentine UD1 Tips


Enamel plus HRi Dentine UD1 Tips increases the quality, simplifies the technique and reduces the chair time needed with your patient.

The Enamel-composite system should be used to restore the function of the tooth in a micro-invasive way respecting the neuromuscular system and getting an excellent aesthetic integration.

Enamel Plus HRi shades are subject to low abrasion that are comparable to natural enamel.

The high viscosity, helps a better manipulation of the composite material in posterior or anterior restorations.

The application of Enamel Plus HRi is the same thickness as the Natural Enamel it replaces and fewer shades help to simplify restorations, matching the opalescent properties of natural enamel blues, ambers and iridescent.

The problem: the refraction of light through the enamel

The solution: the same refractive index as natural enamel

Different thicknesses of Enamel plus HRi change in shade in the same manner as natural Enamel would in the same thickness. Thickness of 0,6 mm allows ideal translucency.

Enamel Plus HRi is Ideal for dentists wishing to achieve the best aesthetic results possible while using a simple application technique. It is also excellent for highly aesthetic indirect restorations created by the dentist or a laboratory.

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– Simplified technique
– Invisible margins no special margin preparation techniques
– No glass effect lowering the value of the restoration
– Completely cylindrical – extrusion of composite without stress
– No material waste
– Long cap – no contact with composite
– Ergonomic design – comfortable to use


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