EnaPost 2% Kit

EnaPost 2% Kit

The fibres of the ENA post are inserted into the same fluorescent resin matrix as the HFO hybrid composite giving perfect integration of colour together with conservative strength. The modulus of the ENA Post is close to dentine and when bonded in pace, produces a monoblock type structure which is proven to be more protective of remaining tooth structure.
Two tapered designs (2% and 10%) are available for the appropriate size and taper of the restored tooth.


5 x each size post and corresponding drill:

#1 post & drill 0.8mm – 1.25mm
#2 post & drill 1.00mm – 1.45mm
#3 post & drill 1.2mm – 1.65mm
#4 post & drill 1.4mm – 1.88mm

– Aesthetic: fluorescent and dentine colour
– Functional: same elasticity of dentine
– Perfectly integrated with the tooth, cement and restorative material
– The only post with silanized fibers inserted in the same resin of restorative material (Enamel plus HRi)
– Perfect silanisation
– Visible on X-ray only
– Coloured rings for easy identification

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