Endodontic Plugger PREXO M

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1 x Endodontic Plugger PREXO M

Prexo M is a simplified endodontic plugger with an innovative design, to compact filling material (gutta-percha and biomaterial) with control and precision.

The grey side is a very thin and straight shaft, with a rounded tip to facilitate penetration inside the canal. It enables you to pack deep and precisely inside the root canal system, for apical compaction using warm vertical obturation techniques.
The red side is designed for MTA plugs and gutta-percha compaction at the middle or coronal third. The larger end with a reverse tapered tip gives you space to see your work under the microscope.

Prexo S is part of the SmartEndo instrument kit developed in collaboration with Style Italiano Endodontics group.

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