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4 x 5g syringes of Etch 37
60 x Disposable Syringe Tips

37% Phosphoric Acid Etchant

Etch-37 is a 37% phosphoric acid semi-gel etchant that is effective at quickly etching enamel and dentin. Etch-37 is polymer-thickened and effectively removes the smear layer, etches and demineralises enamel and dentin. It is easily manipulated into small areas such as endodontically treated root canals and undercuts. This makes it more versatile than some thicker gel etchants for etching all restorative surfaces. Published research proves that BISCO etchants produce higher bond strengths to (wet or dry) dentin and enamel.

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– Rinses away cleanly and quickly leaving no residue to interfere with bonding
– Blue in color for easy visualisation and contrast
– Creates microretentive surface characteristics that are necessary for successful bonding.

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