Evanesce Enamel Single Dose A3

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10 x Evanesce Enamel Single Dose A3

Beautiful esthetics for simple or complex cases can be easily achieved with Evanesce.

Truly universal for both anterior and posterior composite restorations, Evanesce features ideal, slump-free handling and beautiful shade matching to the VITA shade guide. Evanesce is highly polishable for the ultimate in restorative esthetics.

– Simple, strong, beautiful Nano-Hybrid composite
– Excellent putty-like handling, will not slump
– Excellent shade match, polishes fast to a high shine
– Blends into natural dentition beautifully
– Often requires a single shade, or in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite
– Provides an ultra-high, long-term polish
– Available in 22 VITA shades, 3 bleaching shades, and 3 opacities: Enamel (80%), Universal (85%), and Dentin (90%)
– Use Enamel FX Shades to enhance esthetic enamel characterisation: Enamel White, Enamel Incisal and Enamel Clear

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