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1 x Fischer Packer Regular 90

The Fischer Packer Regular 90 is a specially designed Slide Packers that has a very thin, slightly serrated heads, allowing the packer to sink into the Ultrapak knitted cord, easily slipping the cord into the gingival sulcus and preventing it from slipping off and reducing the risk of cutting the gingival attachment.

The Slide Packers are thin, non-serrated packers, designed to place and compress Ultrapak knitted cord using a sliding action as the clinician circles the prep.

45° to handle: The most popular packers, with heads at 45° to the handle and three packing sides. Circular packing of the prep can be completed without the need to flip the instrument end to end. Use the small packer on lower anteriors and upper lateral incisors.

90° and parallel to handle: Same size and three-sided heads as the 45º to handle packer, except one of the heads is in line with the shank and the other is at a right angle to the shank.

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