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1 x Flexipalette Colour Match

Black Contrastor for Intra-Oral Photography

In partnership with StyleItaliano, a study group of passionate dentists and researchers, Smile Line have developed the Flexipalette Colour Match, which is a unique and innovative contrastor intended for intra-oral photography.

The innovative design of the Flexipalette facilitates complete black backgrounds when taking pictures. The ergonomic shape makes them easy to handle for both photographer and even for patients to self-position.

The Flexipalette Colour Match is made from a bendable copper sheet 100% over moulded with Plastimed, a medical grade silicone rubber. The soft surface is pleasant to touch, latex free, safe and hypoallergenic.

The material is opaque and reflection free.

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Contrastors for Intraoral Photography

The Flexipalette is composed of a flexible copper plate covered with plasimed, a medical grade silicone, without latex and hypoallergenic.
– Provides a soft neutral intra-oral background, which will not disturb during shade taking, especially in anterior teeth (NOT for photography).
– Tool to regulate the white balance and exposure of digital cameras.
– For creative photo backgrounds.
– Can be sterilised in autoclave at 135°C
– Is totally opaque and reflection-free
– Comfortable for the patient
– Can be bent in a 30° to 45° degree angle to fit better into the patient’s mouth
– Latex free and hypoallergenic
– Resistant to alcohols, phenols, glutaldehyde, their mixtures and other mercury free disinfectants

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