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100 x Green Flexiwedges
Finally there is a wedge designed to fit the interproximal space. As the world`s population ages, the dental industry is faced with the restorative demands of larger interproximal spaces caused by recession. Recent growth in composite and amalgam retorative procedures has increased the demand for a wedge that isolates blood, saliva and crevicular fluids from the cavity preparation.

Flexi Wedge`s have an exclusive, patented, hollow undersurface that allows the wedge walls to collapse and expand into concavities. This dental wedge has a unique concave undersurface, stiff main body and resilient flanges, which isolates blood, saliva and crevicular fluids from the cavity preparation during composite and amalgam restorative procedures.

The strong elastic material and inferior concavity allows it to conform to patients` anatomical irregularities while also providing greater tooth seperation.

Flexi Wedge is the only wedge available with graduated side depth for superior fit to a patient`s true anatomy. This allows the wedge to reach deeper in the box area without diversion from buccal and lingual papilla.

Because Flexi Wedge conforms to a multitude of root forms an irregularities, saliva and blood are prevented from seeping into the preperation. Seepage prevention is crucial with today`s composite restorative material, and is highly desirable with amalgam.

Flexi Wedges are available in five sizes ranging from baby blue (comparable in size to other brands` smallest wedges) to red, the largest and most adaptable wedge available today.

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