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2 x 50ml Cartridge Futar

Used with the Green mixing tips, Futar is a quick-setting, addition-curing bite registration material based on vinyl polysiloxane with high final hardness ((Shore-A-Hardness 90) for exact recording of occlusal relationships.

It can be trimmed with a rotary instrument and the correct bite relationship can be checked intraorally. Excess segments can be broken off.

There is no elastic rebound when articulating the two models and less time is required therefore reducing the risk of distortion during intraoral setting and providing more comfort for the patient.

Futar does not flow into the interdental spaces allowing easy removal fo the mouth to ensure easy handling and maximum precision.

Less time required, reducing risk of distortion during intraoral setting which makes it more comfortable for the patient.

It Doesn’t flow into in the interdental spaces and is easy to remove from the mouth.

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– A high final hardness of Shore-A 90
– Low elasticity
– Comfortable working time of 30 seconds, short intraoral setting time
– High thixotropy
– Precise results, maximum convenience
– Ensures easy handling and maximum precision.

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