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20 x FX NaviTips 17mm

The FX NaviTips 17mm have been designed for use with Ultradent Citric Acid 20% Solution.

They are also good for removing calcium hydroxide completely from the canal prior to definitive seal and fill of canal.

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– One-of-a-kind brush cleans, scrubs, and irrigates simultaneously
– Rigid 30ga cannula
– Available in 17mm or 25mm tip lengths
– This tip features: Lok-Tite

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  • Did You Know The Reason Behind the Unique Design of NaviTip Tips?

    The goal of endodontic irrigation is to irrigate from the bottom up in order to avoid trapping air in the canal. It is very difficult to displace an air bubble when you're filling the canal from the top down, so it's important to get the smallest cannula close to the apex without passing through the foramen. However, the deeper the canal, the more difficult it is to get the tip of the cannula down to the apical region of the tooth. NaviTip tips are specifically designed to ensure that the tip of the cannula easily reaches the apical region to deliver irrigants right where they're needed.