Golden Eagle Kit -Eagle Claw/Talon

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American Eagle Golden Eagle Kit 1-

1 x Eagle Talon
1 x Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw and Eagle Talon. The universal scaler combination of the Talon for anterior and the Claw for posterior. Talon is a combination of 2 already popular anterior tips, the Jacquette 3 and the Nebraska 128. Claw is the ideal universal posterior scaler, with classic design for tight, interproximal areas. Surface engineered with sharpen-free XP Technology.

Eagle Talon – combines two popular anterior tips, the J3 and the N128, into one innovative instrument

Eagle Claw – thin, finely balanaced and contra-angles sickle scaler blade which is easily adapted to posterior supra-gingival and interproximal areas
Offering five different combinations of two types of instrument, the Golden Eagle kits by American Eagle, allow the practitioner to provide the utmost care in an extremely efficient manner and to reduce the number of instruments involved. Each instrument is treated with XP Technology, resulting in the sharpest edge and longest life.

Like all XP Technology instruments, NO SHARPENING IS REQUIRED!

Golden Eagle Kit 1 – combines an Eagle Talon & Eagle Claw

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