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1 x Golden Section Divider
Divider for the determination of the ‘Golden Proportion’

The Golden Section Divider will allow you to easily assimilate the concept of the Golden Proportion physically. Weather it is slightly or widely open, the Golden Section Divider indicates two segments respecting the golden proportion. Made out of the highest quality stainless steel and very carefully assembled by hand, the Golden Section Divider is a wonder of precision mechanics. It is supplied together with an assortment of the very useful clocs of grids.

Many studies mention the golden proportion as being the ingredients for the harmony of a smile and dentition. The Golden Section Divider and the grids allow you to discover in a few seconds the theoretical ideal goal in comparison to the real situation in the mouth.

This information is extreamly useful for:

– Aesthetic anterior cases
– Dentures
– Positioning angle axis of teeth
– Gingivectomy
– Wax-up control

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