Halo Original Matrix Band 6.5mm

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50 x Halo Original Matrix Band 6.5mm

Beautiful Results in Less Time

The easy-to-use HALO sectional matrix system allows you to create beautiful, anatomically contoured composite restorations in less time.

The Halo system produces anatomically shaped contours so you can spend less time shaping and finishing your restoration. And it provides consistently tight contacts, helping to ensure that your restoration will have the longevity both you and your patient expect.

Maximum tooth separation is achieved through the force of the nitinol ring and the active wedging provided by the wedges. This ideal system of separation allows you to restore a single tooth or back-to-back restorations with ease.

The unique beak design of the Halo ring allows the band to fully adapt to the prep from the gingival margin to the marginal ridge and helps it maintain its shape even in large preparations, helping you to consistently achieve anatomically shaped restorations.

When your restorations have ideal contacts and anatomical curvature, you will see a reduction in the time spent shaping and finishing. The Halo system does that with every restoration.

The HALO sectional matrix system includes nitinol rings, stainless steel matrix bands, and wedges. Each of the components were designed to work together to create consistent, anatomically shaped restorations.

The Nitinol Rings are Super-elastic nitinol metal maintains force during procedures and reduces cyclic fatigue. The Rings will last over 1000 uses. The Glass-filled nylon tines won’t easily break, and won’t collapse into the prep and create under contoured restorations. The Ring contours secure the band in a natural and anatomical shape, helping to eliminate flash and reducing the amount of finishing needed. The stackable design allows for use with MODs and other Class II restorations. The Provide ideal separation for back-to-back restorations.

The Matrix Bands are Anatomically shaped for ideal contacts, the curve at marginal ridge creates ideal occlusal embrasure, reducing finishing. There is a tweezer hole for easy placement. The Bendable tab allows for easy placement and removal with increased visibility. There is an optional coating for easy identification. The original bands allow for more adaptability and burnishing, while Firm bands resist deformation and are ideal for tight interproximal spaces

The Firm wedge creates active wedging for enhanced separation, while being less traumatic to the papillae. The hollow design makes wedges easy to place and allows wedges to be stacked when multiple wedges are needed. The colours help to easily identify sizes of wedges and has a collapsible center for anatomical adaptation of the band

Stay organised with unique, easy to use carousel dispenser. No more spilling and scattering of bands and wedges after an accidental drop, saving time and frustration. It can be easily disinfected with a surface disinfectant.

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