Heatsync Dental Materials Warmer

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1 x Heating Base
1 x Heat Transfer Top
1 x Power Supply

Please note the Heatsync Guns are not included

The HeatSync Composite Warmer is a must for creating void free injection molded composites.

A cornerstone of the Bioclear Method is the Injection Molding Technique using heated composite. The HeatSync is the only heater designed with the injection molding process in mind.

The HeatSync has ample space for all the composite needed for restorative cases. The layout of the heater facilitates the heating of two composite guns, two flowable syringes and extra composite compules. The composite reaches its optimum working temperature (~155° F) quickly, due to the large anodised aluminium heat transfer top. Also, for added convenience and efficiency, the easy to access compule oven on the heat transfer top allows heating of up to six extra compules. The ergonomic design of the HeatSync’s heating slots ensures that the composite guns and flowable syringes are easy to handle when placing into and removing from the unit. The removable heat transfer top is made of the highest quality autoclavable materials.

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