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Glass Connector is a highly elastic flowable material that has been calibrated to diffuse light in exactly the same manner as the protein layer found between the dentine and enamel of a natural tooth.


1 x 1g syringe Glass Connector
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ENAMEL PLUS HFO is a unique system offering the optimum in aesthetics with predictable composite reproduction and has the same characteristics of fluorescence and opalescence as a natural tooth and gives aesthetic results that can only be compared to modern ceramic materials.

ENAMEL PLUS HFO has only one universal hue. Different hues are no longer necessary thanks to the Generic Enamels that provide better cover and higher brightness of dentines.

The Dentine shades perfectly simulate dentine natural opacity through balanced chromatic desaturation. They still have natural looking fluorescence that reduces the metameric effect and its increased opacity are calibrated to the natural dentine. Greater light diffusion is obtained using Glass Connector.

Enamel plus HFO Generic Enamels have a high brightness and are warmer in colour as with natural enamel. This allows more natural and discreet restorations with these warmer amber hues resulting in more coverage and excellent integration.

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• Fluorescent dentine calibrated to the natural tooth
• Generic Enamels: three values to reproduce elderly (GE1), adult (GE2) and young (GE3) teeth
• Opalescent and Intensive enamels for reproducing opalescent and characterization of the natural enamel

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