HIP Ultra Solution for Hydrim C61

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8 x 750ml HIP Ultra Solution

The HIP chemical (HYDRIM Cleaning Solution with Instrument Protection) has been carefully formulated to provide outstanding compatibility with a wide range of materials and coatings. HIP is automatically added at various stages in the cycle to optimize the cleaning and protection of instruments.
The use of automated instrument washer-disinfectors (WD) is growing worldwide as regulatory authorities and dentists endorse and adopt what has come to be understood as the most effective and consistent means of disinfecting instruments before sterilization.
Disinfection is the important first step in the sterilization chain.

The HYDRIM G4 is equipped with a web interface that enables online access and offers a platform with endless possibilities.

A high-resolution, 65K color touch screen offers a vivid display of messages, current cycle information and customizable colors all with extraordinary clarity. Fully adjustable contrast levels let you optimize the screen to the lighting in your steri-center, and its 2.5-inch by 3-inch dimensions allow easy viewing of cycle information.

With each cycle, information must be stored to protect your office and your patients. The integrated data logger stores all cycle information for the lifetime of the unit. A USB port
allows for the manual retrieval of cycle history. The 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection puts your PC in direct contact with your HYDRIM G4 and the RS232 serial printer port allows you to connect with an external printer.

Designed in accordance with ISO 15883-1 and -2, the international standard for washer-disinfectors
The unit can be installed on the countertop or built into a steri-center under the counter
Large chamber volume, 6 full sized IMS cassette capacity, the HYDRIM C61wd can turn over 120 instruments in just 60 minutes, start to dry
G4 web portal interface includes data storage, service logs and remote access capabilities
Validated cycles to ensure repeatable washing and disinfection performance
HIP cleaning solution is stored the unit, so no extra storage space requirements
Improved serviceability, reliability and minimal maintenance requirements
Robust stainless steel exterior
Vivid color touch screen
Active drying with a HEPA filter

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