Inspiral Brush Tips 20 Pack

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20 x Inspiral Brush Tips

Delivers viscous or highly filled materials easily with the unique Inspiral Brush tip.

An internal helical channel and ridge smooth the product, while tight, adjustable brush fibers minimise bubbles. When placing sealants, the fine fibers work resin deep into the fissures.

The Inspiral Brush tip is ideal for delivering Composite Wetting Resin, Peak Universal Bond, PermaQuick Resin, PQ1, Ultradent Porcelain Etch, Ultra-Etch, UltraSeal XT plus, and UltraSeal XT hydro.

– Smooth delivery of viscous or filled materials via an internal helical channel and ridge
– Tight, adjustable brush fibers minimise bubbles
– Internal helical channel and ridge shear and thin viscous and/or filled materials
– Prevents air bubble entrapment
– 0.79mm inside diameter allows controlled delivery and less waste
– Adjustable fiber length for ideal customisation
– The tip prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in the resin, eliminating weak bonds
– Consistent placement at the desired location is quick and easy
– When placing sealants, the fine fibers work resin deep into the fissures
– This tip features: Lok-Tite


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