Intraoral Repair Kit

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1 x 5g syringe of Porclelain etch – 9.5% buffered Hydrofluoric Acid to prepare surface
1 x 5g syringe of Barrier Gel – protective viscous gel used to neutralise etch on contact
1 x 3ml bottle of Porcelaine Primer – single component alcohol based silane
1 x 2ml bottle of Z-Prime Plus – single component priming agent
1 x 6ml bottle of Porcelain Bonding Resin – HEMA-free, hydrophobic bonding resin
1 x 3ml bottle of Opaquer & 3ml Bottle of Opaquer Base – dual-cured opaquing agent

The Intraoral Repair Kit provides all the materials necessary to repair the framework of broken or damaged restorations intraorally. Once the operative site is properly prepared, an esthetic and durable repair can be successfully achieved ultilising a resin composite material.

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View the full range of Bisco Products

– Repair of Porcelain & Lithium Disilicate Restorations
– Repair of Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal or Zirconia/Alumina Restorations
– Repair of Direct or Indirect Composite restorations

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