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Isolite System award-winning dental isolation technology offers significant advantages over rubber dam, manual suction and retraction methods.

Appropriate dental isolation is vital to the success of almost all dental procedures because it minimises contamination, thereby contributing to clinical success.
Now for the first time, using isolite we can achieve total control of the oral environment, making everyday procedures easier, safer and more predictable. It Safely tucks the tongue and cheek out of the way and restricts probing tongue from compromising your work.

The five levels of brightness maintain clear intra-oral illumination for the entire dental team and provides a clear view of the airway throughout the procedure. Reducing fogging of mirrors, glasses, and loupes.

The system aids in dental procedures by improving patient management and giving dental professionals unprecedented control of the oral environment: keeping the patients mouth open, improving visibility, controliing suction and oral humidity and minimising sources of contamination.


1 x Isolite Unit

– 6 sizes of disposable mouthpiece, to fit every mouth
– Protects patients airway and retracts the tongue
– Built-in suction to control saliva contamination and humidity
– Helps protect staff from exposure to aerosols and splatter
– 5 levels of illumination for a clear view every time
– Excellent patient acceptance: easy to place and comfortable to wear
– Treat both arches, unlike rubber dam, making it an excellent alternative
– Frees assistant to complete other duties
– Latex and silicone free

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Hints & Tips

  • ‘The combination of Isolite’s soft mouth prop, excellent tongue and cheek retraction, suction and the variable illumination- right where I need it, gives me the perfect working environment. Enabling complete control allowing accurate preparation and bonding of my porcelain restorations.'
    Dr Julian Caplan, Aviva Dentistry Ltd, St Albans

    'Since getting the Isolite system I can honestly say that it has become an essential piece of equipment in my practice. I use the system multiple times on a daily basis for adhesive cementations, tooth coloured fillings and Cerec dentistry. I originally bought the Isolite solely based on my American counterparts raving about how it had improved their Cerec work. The Isolite makes it easier to take amazingly crisp accurate digital images and the cheek and tongue retraction make working easier and much faster. I was surprised to find that many of my patients found the Isolite more comfortable than rubber dam and the ease of set up means it is a system you will use. I would recommend the Isolite to any dentist or hygienist and even your dental nurses will love it!'
    Dr Riten Patel, Mulberry Dental, Walton-on-Thames

    'We use Isolite during implant surgeries and major restorative treatment. It provides extra illumination in the mouth and protects the tongue, throat and buccal mucosa from accidental damage. It helps to stabilise the mandible and specifically with longer treatment sessions provides support for the jaw. It’s very useful when treating patients under sedation.'
    Dr Simon Milbauer, Your Perfect Smile, Avimore

    'I have always been very impressed with the product range from Optident. Isolite in particular is an absolute winner. Being able to manage complex cases that would not be suitable for application of rubber dam and having adequate moisture control, plus a mouth rest, illumination and saliva management is fantastic. I have used Isolite for procedures where the patient would otherwise have required conscious sedation due to inaccessibility of molar teeth. As a result of using LA in conjunction with Isolite, I managed to restore a carious lower molar, previously impossible to access, whilst the patient remained calm and comfortable throughout. Excellent product and good product support'
    Dr Ian Lane, Queensway Dental Practice and Specialist Referral Centre, Teeside

    'Isolite helps me change my patients perception of dentistry. Jaw fatigue and the sensation of their mouths filling with water are now things of the past. From a clinician’s perspective, Isolite offers outstanding access to tricky posterior teeth, helps control the tongue, provides better illumination and offers a beautifully dry field. It saves a huge amount of time with the elimination of patients repeated spitting throughout the procedure, meaning we can work much more efficiently. And what’s more, it frees my dental assistants for vast portions of every day procedure. I’d consider myself an early- adopter so I’ve ‘invested’ in my fair share of gadgets over the years. Sometimes that has been money burned, but Isolite is one definite exception. I swear by it.'
    Dr Sahir Zak Kara, EnVisage- Emsworth

    'I liked the look of Isolite, when I saw it last year, so much that I had a demonstration organised for the team at the surgery. We quickly realised it would be a fabulous tool for us to use for bonding procedures and it has made things so much easier. I would recommend the use of Isolite in orthodontics as it provides good isolation and moisture control, particularly for palatal/lingual bonding. We now routinely use it for bonding palatal and lingual retainers, and for bonding buccal and labial fixed braces. It frees the nurse from having to aspirate so you can be more efficient and patient find it very comfortable and unobtrusive. An excellent adjunct to any surgery and well worth the investment.'
    Dr Paula Buffham Partner in Park Lane Orthodontics, Reading

    ‘Nothing reduces humidity like Isolite. Rubber dams and cotton rolls are great, but there’s nothing that gives us total control over the oral environment in so many applications as Isolite’
    Michael Melkers DDS, FAGD

    ‘The retraction provided via Isolite means I no longer have to battle the tongue throughout the procedure. It’s comfortable for the patient and improves my overall dentistry’
    Armen Mirzayan DDS

    ‘The typical treatment delays associated with swallowing, spitting, closing of the mouth and conversation, were all but eliminated’
    Ken Schweifler DDS, MPH

    Using Isolite Systems’ family of products allows the dental practice to implement a protocol for Isolation Technique (IT). The Isolite products provide several key benefits when establishing this standard:
    1. Increased visibility. The nearly transparent Isolite Mouthpiece allows complete visibility of the entire oral field. When using Isolite®, the patient's oral cavity is illuminated from within the mouth, providing a unique, shadowless illumination that benefits both practitioner and patient.
    2. Quick, reliable isolation. The Isolite Systems Isolation Mouthpiece enables total control over a clear oral field, and Isolite®, Isodry® and now Isovac™ are the only dental devices that deliver continuous retraction, protection and aspiration in a single device.
    3. Faster procedures. Dentists, dental assistants and hygienists using Isolite's family of dental isolation products have reported reduced procedure times of 20-50%, making the entire practice more productive.
    4. Better ergonomics. Practitioners tell us they enjoy dentistry more when using our products. Hygienists and technicians tell us our products have extended their careers by reducing fatigue during daily procedures.

    The key to our technology is the Isolation Mouthpiece. Compatible with the full line of Isolite's family of products, the Mouthpiece is the heart of our system.
    Isolite's proprietary and patented Mouthpiece has been specifically designed and engineered around the anatomy and morphology of the mouth to accommodate every patient, from children to the elderly. It is constructed out of a polymeric material that is softer than gingival tissue for patient comfort, and it has excellent optical qualities. Its safety advantages and ease of use will boost your practice's efficiency, results, and patient satisfaction.
    When the Isolation Mouthpiece is put in place, the patient's cheek and tongue are automatically retracted and protected, resulting in an immediate decrease in the risk of patient injury. The Mouthpiece obturates the entrance to the throat, minimising the chance of debris aspiration. This makes the patient more comfortable and provides the additional benefit of being able to monitor the patient's airway. The Mouthpiece's thick construction provides an extra layer of protection from dental instruments and controls the patient's tongue. The patient can comfortably rest their jaw thanks to the built-in bite block, and you have free access to both the upper and lower quadrants. And because the Mouthpiece is single-use, patient cross-contamination is eliminated. In addition, the Mouthpiece has bilateral, 360° evacuation to keep the field dry and reduce humidity.

    By lighting the patient's oral cavity from within the mouth, Isolite®, our flagship product, provides a unique shadowless illumination that is unmatched. Unlike conventional lighting, light emanating from the Isolation Mouthpiece cannot be blocked by practitioners' head or hands. Clear, bright illumination reduces eyestrain for the practitioner and allows better visibility of the working field. Strain associated with headlamps or movement of the overhead lamp are greatly reduced or eliminated.

    Easy to insert and comfortable for the patient, the Isolite's Isolation Mouthpiece can be inserted in only a few seconds and removed even more quickly. We suggest that you practice your Mouthpiece insertion technique before trying it on patients. Guides for Mouthpiece insertion are included in your product Instruction For Use and are also available online. Of course, if you would like additional help with instructions or technique we are always glad to help!

    Yes! When sized correctly, patients experience increased comfort. It gives them a place to rest their jaw and they no longer worry about their tongue or cheek being injured. They relax.

    Hygienists love using the Isolite Isolation Mouthpiece because it is like having an extra set of helping hands, and we have designed the new Isovac™ dental isolation adaptor with them in mind. Hygienists find using our Mouthpiece useful for quad scalings and sealants. Another big plus: continuous aspiration reduces operatory airborne aerosols.

  • Studies show that having an Isolite system on all of your chairs can decrease your time with patients by as much as 30%.