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3 x Isovac Dental Isolation Adaptors
1 x Accessory Kit: Includes Cleaning Brush, Suction Line Plug, Four Replacement O-Rings and O-Ring Lubricant.

Isovac is a dental isolation adapter that can easily be relocated to any operatory in a dental practice. Isovac connects onto your existing HVE coupler whenever and wherever needed. It is ideal for dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and expanded function dental assistants that need additional support to maximise productivity, while enhancing the patient’s experience.

The Isovac provides continuous suction and moisture evacuation that controls humidity in the oral cavity as good as a rubber dam. The mouthpiece keeps the patient’s mouth open comfortably while retracting the tongue and protecting their cheek.

Dual suction, bite blocking, tongue retraction and throat shielding all lead to a more relaxed, quicker patient experience in the chair.

The Isovac dental isolation adapter is perfect for furnishing multiple surgery practices with easy-to-use oral control. Like the Isolite and Isodry you can take advantage of all the benefits of our award-winning mouthpieces.

The mouthpiece attached to the Isovac protects the patient’s airway, cheek and tongue. Continuous suction helps reduce the amount of contaminated dental aerosols that your team comes in contact with.

The Isovac is the perfect solution for practices to add an affordable and versatile alternative for oral control. Continuous hands-free suction evacuates water, saliva and debris for unsurpassed moisture control. Your assistant’s focus can be placed on the demands of today’s sophisticated dentistry.

Introducing Isovac to your dental chairs is like giving the clinician a third hand. This additional support makes for happier, more productive team members. Unlike rubber dam placement, the Isovac can be placed, removed and placed again in seconds. Try doing that with traditionalisolation methods.

The strong, ultra lightweight Control Head Assembly is constructed of an easy-to-clean autoclavable polymer. Dual vacuum controls enable you to focus continuous hands-free vacuum suction either in the upper or lower quadrant, allowing you to better control moisture and oral humidity. The adapter quickly attaches to an available HVE line in the operatory.

Studies have shown that adding an Isovac to hygiene stations can help dental practices complete procedures, such as sealant placements up to 24% faster than traditional methods of isolation.

Imagine freeing up to 15 hours per week, simply by using the Isovac. That extra time could allow you to add additional patient visits and boost your practice’s production, or give you the opportunity to pursue continuing education. It could allow your team the time to exercise more in-depth infection control or get a jump on preparing for the next day.

The Isovac provides the optimal dental isolation environment for facilitating a wide variety of clinical procedures, including:

– Sealants
– Restorative
– Cosmetic
– Pediatric
– Sedation
– Periodontal
– Extraction

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