Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter 3pk

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3 x Isovac Dental Isolation Adaptors
Accessory Kit: Includes Cleaning Brush, Suction Line Plug, Four Replacement O-Rings and O-Ring Lubricant.

The Isovac dental isolation adapter is perfect for furnishing multiple surgery practices with easy-to-use oral control.

Like the Isolite and Isodry you can take advantage of all the benefits of our award-winning mouthpieces.

The Isovac is the perfect solution for practices to add an affordable and versatile alternative for oral control.

The strong, ultra-lightweight Control Head Assembly is constructed of an easy-to-clean autoclavable polymer. Dual vacuum controls enable you to focus continuous hands-free vacuum suction either in the upper or lower quadrant, allowing you to better control moisture and oral humidity. The adapter quickly attaches to an available HVE line in the operatory.


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