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1 x 2g syringe of Lucida Paste
5 x Mandrels
70 x Felt wheels

DiaShine® powered by StyleItaliano

In Italian, Lucida means polished and full of light.

We are proud to welcome yet another excellent restorative product to our portfolio. Introducing Lucida Composite Gloss System – the latest development project for new and seasoned dentists created and powered by Style Italiano and DiaShine.

The Lucida Kit is a complete solution which includes the Lucida Diamond Paste for chairside use, disposable Lucida Star Felts and autoclavable Latch Mandrels.

With its unique thickness of the Lucida Star Felts you can reach areas that were never possible before. They allow you to not only polish facially, but interproximally and occlusally.

Lucida Star Felts are disposable and offer a desired intermittent touch with rounded points. Their star shape allows them to have a desired intermittent touch and thanks to these rounded angles they acquire a variable thickness depending on the force and speed applied.

In combination with Lucida Diamond Paste, presented in a 2 gram syringe, the sub-micron hybrid water-soluble patented polishing compound, the gloss obtained with this system is unique.

The paste stays and spreads perfectly in the tooth surface while polishing and goes immediately away when water is applied.

Lucida Diamond Paste is completely water soluble and will give you that reliable final gloss on composites and other restorative materials.

The Lucida Mandrels are fully autoclavable.

Now-a-days very few polishing systems have a reliable final gloss stage and are many times useless for the maintenance stage of the composites.

Composite manufacturers are dedicating more and more resources on making their composites polishable. and gloss persistent Lucida is the missing piece and is finally here!

Used in conjunction with White Dental Beauty CompoSite which has excellent polishiability, your composite restorations come to life in moments.

An integral solution was given to all the problems faced with these high-gloss products, and not only, we had the chance of enhancing the results compared with the previously existing ones.

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– Latch mandrel for the Lucida Star Felt is autoclavable and ready to be reused
– Thanks to Lucida Star rounded angles it is now possible to reach narrow area and get the desired intermittent touch.
– Lucida Stars acquire a variable thickness depending on the pressure and speed applied.
– The combined solution with Lucida Diamond Paste and Lucida Star felt allow to make a single-step composite restorations polishing.

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