Lumicontrast Sectional Matrices 0.04mm 6.4mm

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70 x Lumicontrast Sectional Matrices 0.04mm 6.4mm

The Lumicontrast Sectional Matrices 0.04mm 6.4mm are an innovative sectional matrix, result of years of research and development on materials for high standards in dentistry, together with dental specialists from all over the world.

Thanks to the mat, blue surface, this matrix is characterised by a low reflection, with consequently no blinding effect. Moreover a high contrast between dark colour/white teeth is given, allowing for a precise identification of the working area.

The innovative matrix colouration cannot be scratched away and no particles can scatter into the filling material or cavity. The selected premium quality steel optimises the restorative procedures, as the matrix doesn’t collapse into the cavity, nor can be deformed by interdental wedges.

LumiContrast are an absolute must-have when working with modern technologies with intense light sources, such as loupes, dental photography and dental microscopes.

– Low reflection
– High contrast
– Dark colour
– Ideal for loupes with light
– A must-have with dental microscopes


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