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1 x M5-Sculpt

The M5-Sculpt is used for finishing and clean-up.

The universal instrument is used for anterior, incisal anatomy/mamelons and posterior cuspal inclines for refined composite.

The DG Explorer is long and pointy to remove excess material around edges. The long tip works well when layering in deep cavities.

The Acorn end creates the cusp incline on posterior or the mamelons on anterior, including application of different colours.

Ergonomic, lightweight stainless steel handle

The American Eagle M5 Restorative Series instruments were created in collaboration with Dr. Anthony Mak, DDS. This series features five unique restorative instruments that allow clinicians to complete 90% of their procedures. The instruments are made with American Eagle patented XP Technology that delivers a smoother, nonstick surface and retains the sharpness of the carver and sharp paddle. The instruments that need to cut, cut… the ones that need to be smooth and sculpt are non-stick.

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