Micro Apical Surgery Kit KitSIE With Silicone Handles

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1 x SIE1
1 x SIE2
1 x SIE3
1 x VA10
1 x VA21
1 x CLEANext B5 Cassette

This Micro Apical surgery Kit KITSIE With Silicone Handles has been designed in collaboration with the Styleitaliano group. It is composed of only five instruments, that can cater for all of your needs.

SIE1 – Plugger-spatula for apical microsurgery, elaborated with the team of Style Italiano.

A real innovative instrument: from one side there is a thin and pointed explorer of 4 mm length, that is important for a correct detection of canals after apical resection. This flexible explorer gives the operator a greater sense of feedback for an easier detection of canals and isthmus.

The long plugger side has a flat tip with rounded angles and the shape is inverse tapered, in order to perform a perfect adaptation of retro filling material without removing it accidentally during instrument removal. The length is considerable (6mm) and is ideal for longer and straight canals.

SIE2 – A double plugger for apical microsurgery, elaborated with the team of Style Italiano Endodontics, with the same diameters, but different lengths.

The pluggers have the innovative design as described before, flat tip with rounded angles and inverse taper. These two different lengths complete the 3 pluggers available in this kit. For you the retro filling represents the most sensitive part of the Micro Apical Surgery.

SIE3 – A double curved periosteal elevator for apical microsurgery, elaborated with the team of Style Italiano.

Available in two different sizes in the same instrument, is used for a sharp dissection of periosteal tissue, without any tissue damage. The double inclination of the neck gives the instrument the perfect contact angle for a smooth undermining elevation of the flap. No additional left and right instruments are needed.

VA10 – Ball plugger-spatula for apical microsurgery. The gold standard. From one side a thin angulated spatula for placing retro filling material and from the other side a spherical ball for first adaptation of the material itself.

VA21 – Surgical double curette for apical microsurgery, shaped like an excavator, but with a much more pronounced cutting edge, which helps with fast, efficient removal of the lesion.

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– sterilisable at 134°C

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