Monik Vasant Composite Kit

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Achieve superior manipulation using the composite kit created by Dr Monik Vasant

The black colour of the patented Shadeline instruments prevents distracting reflections seen with steel instruments. The high tech coating offers a very low friction coefficient and high resistance to abrasion allowing a more fluid shaping of diverse composite materials. They are ergonomically designed and boast a longer instrument life than traditional composite instruments.

These come with Black ADEP handles in a Deppeler B5 Cassette.


1 x MV1X
1 X MV2X
1 X MV3X
1 X OP2X
1 X OP3X
Deppeler SA has been manufacturing dental instruments with unprecedented accuracy for over 80 years.

An ideal instrument is one that fits naturally, with which the work is done perfectly and effortlessly – an extension of the practitioners hand. Deppeler offers you instruments tailored to their function and to meet your own expectations.


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