Mr. Thirsty Large 16MM

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25 x Mr. Thirsty Large 16MM

One simple step for a safe, happy, & efficient practice!

Mr. Thirsty Large 16MM provides hands-free retraction, isolation, and high-volume suction all in one device.

Easily trim as needed without compromising power & dispose when done. There is no maintenance or cleaning. Simply attach Mr. Thirsty to your existing HVE, perform your procedure, and dispose when done!

Rather than spending time steriliSing or tracking number of uses, use that time doing additional procedures, daily tasks, or catching a break!

According to a time and motion study, Mr. Thirsty can reduce chair time up to 29%!

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– Not made with natural rubber latex
– Affordable, no upfron investments
– Disposable, no time wasted in maintenance or sterilisation. No risk of cross-contamination
– Adaptable, Connects to existing high-volume suction, allowing it to be used in any operatory. No training needed.
– Comfortable, provides built-in bite block, tounge retraction, airway and cheek protection, creating comfort for nyou and your patient.
Trimmable, available in two sizes that can be trimmed to fit, no need to overstock with variety of sizes
– Designed with wide suction chambers for superior suction.
– Frees up dental assistant to complete other tasks!

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