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1 x My Shade Guide Silicone Mould

Creation of your own personalised Shade Guide

The My Shade Guide Silicone Mould forms part of the My Shade Guide Kit that provides all components, tools and accessories for the making of your porcelain samples to be used for the realisation of your high-end and unique personalised Shade Guide.

My Shade Guide is not only a tool for easire and more accurate shade taking, it is also an incredible didactic tool allowing the apprentice as much knowledge as the expert and a better understanding if the assortment of one’s porcelain powders used.

My Shade Guide can also be used for other materials like composite.

Thanks to the special design of the two-parts mould, you have the possibility to produce very easily, a professional way to sample your composite teeth in dentin and enamel.

A small portion of enamel is placed in the first mould, then pressed with the help of the second mould which is in fact presenting a positive shape for dentin.

After light-curing of this first step will be a composite veneer out of enamel material. The second step is filling the hollow part of the veneer with the selected shade of dentin composite material.

It’s that simple!

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