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6 x Pairs MyTines Large

MyTines Large are the extremities especially developed to be fitted on the myRing Forte and myClip 2.0 for the stability of the sectional matrix rings on wide cavity preparations, even in case of missing cusp.

The asymmetry of the wings allows a perfect adaptation on distal and mesial cavities simply by inverting the position of the extremities. Also, the possibility of combining MyTines Small, MyTines Medium and MyTines Large ensures an excellent matrix adaptation and a firm grip, thus reducing composite flashes and overhangs.

– Increases ring stability on wide cavities even with missing cusp
– V-shaped to accommodate the wedge
– Replaceable, interchangeable and autoclavable plastic extremities
– Asymmetric extremities’ wings improve adaptation
– Extremities can be inverted to provide further flexibility

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