Newtron P5 B.LED

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1 x Newtron P5 B.LED
1 x Handpiece Newtron Slim blue LED’s
1 x Pure Newtron Slim BLED White Light Ring
1 x No 1 Tip
1 x No 1S Tip
1 x No 10Z Tip

Preserve teeth with superb ultrasonic vibrations and steel tip quality

Clean effectively while preserving teeth is a major concern for dentists and hygienists worldwide. The patented technologies of the Newtron P5 B.LED ultrasonic generator, combined with the high-quality tips, support you every day with the promise of the best possible care to patients.

The Newtron range of ultrasonic generators are equipped with exclusive and patented Newtron technology, which brings more preservation, efficacy and comfort to any procedure.

The easy and precise flow adjustment provides accurate treatments and maximum tip efficiency.

It provides technology that guides your treatments in real time, highlighting dental plaque perfectly for guided clinical care, improving clinical efficiency with more accurate and effective treatment and educates patients and encourages case acceptance.

You can control the vibrations perfectly for precise and gentle treatments and you have total irrigation control with no heat, which is safer for tissues.

The automatic and continuous frequency adjustment guarantees maximal and continuous efficiency, whatever the load applied. Power is regulated in real-time, according to the resistance encountered by the tip, for constant performances, with no force needed. The powerful cavitation at tip’s extremity induces deposit fragmentation and disinfecting effect.

The Newtron P5 B.LED provides painless treatment for the patient, decreased fatigue and provides a better tactile sense, offering more precise treatment.

Newtron offers over 80 different Dental tips answering all your needs, from prophylaxis, periodontics, implant care, endodontics, surgical endodontics, conservative and restorative dentistry made from exclusive alloys and coatings that respect the different surfaces treated, enamel, crowns and implants.

All Salalec tips are colour coded to show their recommended power range. The same colour coding shows on the Newtron P5 B.LED.

Green – Low power and amplitude
Yellow – Medium power and amplitude
Blue – High power and amplitude
Orange – very high power and maximum amplitude.

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