Newtron Perfect Margin Rounded Tip Kit

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1 x PM1
1 x PM2
1 x PM3
1 x PM4
1 x Metal Holder
1 x Autoclavable Universal Wrench

The Newtron Perfect Margin Rounded Tip Kit grants much precision during the process thanks to the subtle sense tactile generated. The tips help to achieve a perfectly polished and perfectly even finishing line.

The Newtron Perfect Margin Rounded Kit does not cause damage to the periodontal tissues and makes the use of a gingival protection technique like the retractor threads totally unnecessary. Therefore, they can be recommended for refining and polishing the finish line within the groove and, as such, provide a great benefit compared to the traditional preparation techniques using diamond cutters.

Thanks to the low amplitude of vibration, the Perfect Margin Rounded ultrasonic tips do not generate bleeding and, both the marginal gingiva and the biological space, are protected.

PM1: Preparation – Rounded form Instrument with diamond coating (76 µm) at its end. First instrument in the protocol sequence, after the rotary phase. Laser marking 1 mm from the extremity. Penetration in the groove to continue the preparation of the dentine and finishing line.

PM2: Finishing – Rounded shape Second instrument in clinical protocol. Laser marking 1 mm from the extremity. Instrument with diamond coating (46 µm) less dense than PM1, allowing a precise finishing of the edges. With a lower power setting, it also allows the dentin to be polished.

PM3: Polishing – Rounded shape This fully smooth and smooth insert complements the finishing sequences, improving the surface condition of the cervical boundary just before printing. It also has a marked laser 1mm from its extremity.

PM4: Coronal-root preparation. – With its conical shape and a diamond layer of 46 µm, the PM4 is ideal for corono-root preparations prior to inlay filling as well as smoothing anatomical post entry cones.

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– Quarter round-tipped diamond-coated insert (76µm)
– Preparation of the dentine
– Intra-sulcular penetration after supragingival preparation with diamond bur.

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