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48 x Omni-Matrix 5.2 mm Winged .0015 SS Purple Paediatric

Omni-Matrix Purple Paediatric is a quick, easy-to-use, disposable retainer and matrix

The Omni-Matrix Purple Paediatric disposable retainer and matrix is a superior circumferential matrix band solution. It’s a simple restorative tool designed to perfectly customise to any preparation.

The Omni-Matrix is equipped with an internal screw mechanism attached to a conical handle that adjusts the bands circumference to adapt to the tooth. Various band thickness makes placement between approximating teeth simple and the pivoting head allows access to any quadrant of the mouth.

Once the restoration is complete, the Omni Matrix band easily releases without disturbing the restorative material.

The Omni Matrix retainer body is different than traditional tofflemire-style band retainers. It doesn’t have a triangular or U-shaped junction at the head, which allows for posterior restorations to be approached with potentially less interference and increased visibility.

The unique, innovative shape of the Omni-Matrix retainer allows for superior visibility and patient comfort during the procedure. It also allows either single or simultaneous restorations to be completed easily and comfortably.

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– Band circumference can be adjusted by twisting the handle
– Pivoting head allows access to any quadrant of the mouth
– Unmatched body design is ideal for both single and simultaneous restorations
– Disposable design saves time and money
– Eliminates the need for loading, cleaning and sterilisation of reusable tofflemire-style matrix retainers
– Superior matrix solution
– Ultra-thin burnishable stainless steel adapts to all preparations
– Universal and narrow sizes accommodate various preparations
– Colour coded handle allows for easy style and size determination
– Wings can provide added stability in cases with wide preparations
– Band releases easily and completely allowing restorative material to remain intact
– Eliminates the need to cut band away after restoration
– Simply turn handle clockwise to loosen and release band
– Stores and dispenses matrices as needed
– Gives easy access for procedural preparation
– Boxes stack to optimise storage space
– IFU on back of box showcasing four easy to follow steps
– Box displays matrix style and size
– Individually wrapped – keeps products clean until use
– Transparency allows for immediate style and size identification

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