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OpalDam Green is unique, light-reflective, passively adhesive (sealing) light-cured resins. Its methacrylate base is designed with adequate strength to maintain a barrier yet removes easily from embrasures and undercuts. The contrasting green color of OpalDam Green shows its location on the gingiva and teeth for more effective coverage.


4 x 1.2ml OpalDam Green Syringes
10 x Micro 20ga tips
10 x Black Mini tips
OpalDam and OpalDam Green are a resin barrier used to isolate and protect soft tissue with an impervious seal. It applies directly and remove easily, giving you peace of mind without sacrificing efficiency or patient comfort.

– Protects soft tissue with impervious seal
– Viscous solution is easy to apply
– Light-reflective properties focus heat away from the teeth and gingiva for patient comfort
– Applies directly?

Hints & Tips

  • OpalDam is easily expressed directly where it is needed in the mouth via the simple syringe-and-tip delivery.
  • OpalDam removes easily from the mouth.
    Simply use an explorer or other instrument to cleanly break the cured resin from undercuts and discard.
  • In addition to the traditional use with whitening procedures, OpalDam is extremely versatile and can be used:
    As a barrier for root canals To prevent saliva leakage around the rubber dam clamp To help hold a matrix in place around a severely compromised tooth To protect the soft tissue from air abrasion Any time you're using a harsh chemical near the tissue
  • Light cure OpalDam for 20 seconds using a scanning motion.
    Always be sure to check the resin with an explorer to make sure it's completely polymerised.
  • OpalDam is gluten free


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