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5 x Optishade Capture Guide Cone

Digital shade matching: the digital color in the palm of your hand!

OptiShade is a unique and innovative dental colorimeter. It is specifically designed for measuring the color of teeth, dental restorations, restorative materials and its appearance in the mouth.
The anatomical Optishade Capture Guide Cone helps to achieve a reliable positioning and avoids as much as possible light contamination in order to read with high repeatability the color of the tooth.

OptiShade, besides giving the precise numerical color coordinates, compares the measurements with a comprehensive database of commercial shade guides.

OptiShade works exclusively with an iPhone, iPad or iPod (not supplied) via an App available for free on AppStore.

With OptiShade you can have a file management for your cases, predict and control the quality of your restorations with perfect recipes. OptiShade is an excellent tool for controlling color stability.

The measured shade is communicated in L*a*b*coordinates, universal values in the world of colorimetry, very intuitive and easily interpretable by the user.

These L*a*b* coordinates are either :

– Interpeted by the user
– Used as a comparison with the commercial shadeguides databases in the Optishade. or exported to the Matisse software, which will calculate for you all the recipes and ceramic powders mixings necessary for the given case.

– Receive and send OptiShade files,
– Open, analyse, read color coordinates,
– Archive the images,
– Compare images with the database information,
– Share and do side-by-side comparisons.

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Hints & Tips

  • Is OptiShade compatible with Android?
    No. Unfortunately, Android lacks a functionality essential to the OptiShade system, and it cannot work safely in that environment. At the moment, there are no future plans to bring OptiShade to Android. It is suggested to have a dedicated iOS device for measuring.
  • Can OptiShade be used with iPad PRO?
    Yes. The USB-C cable must be purchased separately for iPad Pro (3rd generation and later) and iPad Air (4th generation). Other iPads - including the iPad Pro (1st Generation) - use the Lightning cable you will find included in the OptiShade intro kit. Although the OPTISHADE App is not graphically optimised for iPad, the functionalities are exactly the same.
  • Do I need a subscription?
    No subscription is needed. You can download the OPTISHADE App from the App Store for free. The number of measurements and image shares is unlimited.
  • Does OptiShade run on computers?
    The OPTISHADE App can run on any Apple computer with Apple M1 chip and above (read and share function). Due to hardware restrictions, the device cannot be connected to laptops or desktop computers, directly, while files can be analysed and shared on any device. New measurements can only be obtained with OptiShade connected to an iOS or iPADOS device, and these measurements can be analysed on any of these devices and on M1 computers also.
  • Can I compare data to commercial Shade Guides and Vita or Vita 3D?
    Yes. Besides getting the precise and accurate L*a*b* coordinates, the main function of OptiShade is it allows comparison with ready made shade guides through a constantly updated database to compare the best match to commercial Shade Guide libraries. You can download and update colors for your library from www. styleitaliano.org/OPTISHADE/app Note: Matching a Vita Classic or Vita 3D color can be extremely difficult with ceramics, as recreating the exact color of a shade guide requires much more information than the nomenclature of the ceramic powder. The Matisse software (www.matisse.ai) provides also recipes to match Vita Shade guides.
  • Can I measure the color of two teeth from one single picture?
    No. As the most precise measure is taken at the center of the image frame, it is indicated to capture one tooth at a time.