Oraseal Putty Economy Refill

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20 x 1.2ml Oraseal Putty syringes

Oraseal Putty material effectivley adhears to wet dental dam, wet gingival and mucosal tissue, wet teeth and metal, even under water or in saliva.

The Oraseal materials excel at preventing leakage during treatment.

Use OraSeal Caulking when an adequate seal is difficult to obtain with compromised teeth or roots. OraSeal may also be used to repair rubber dam leaks. It seals the rubber dam when performing a porcelain repair, protecting gingiva from hydrofluoric acid. Deliver into undercuts and below implant bars, precision attachments,etc. to prevent cold cure acrylic or impression material from locking into empty spaces. Fill in gingival embrasures of splints and bridges to facilitate easy cleanup of permanent cement. OraSeal Putty can perform the same functions, but it has a stiffer consistency, which some doctors prefer.

Use with the Black Mini Tips or White Mac Tips.

– Adheres under water and saliva


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