Periodontal Probe UNC 15 Peek

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1 x Periodontal Probe UNC 15 Peek

The Periodontal Probe UNC 15 Peek, has 15 markings and is designed to probe around implants.

Made of polyether ether ketone (PEEK) thermoplastic, the probe can be used safely on titanium. The flexible, thin and strong tip adapts easily to the anatomy.

The visual aid (1 to 15) is very accurate. The manufacturing process significantly extends the life of the markings on the instrument.

The UNCPP15 probe is also suitable for probing around natural teeth.

Screw-in tip, delivered with a light and ergonomic DMS handle in either black or green.

Deppeler SA has been manufacturing dental instruments with unprecedented accuracy for over 80 years.

An ideal instrument is one that fits naturally, with which the work is done perfectly and effortlessly – an extension of the practitioner’s hand. Deppeler offers you instruments tailored to their function and that meet your own expectations.

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