Photo-Cad Cheek Retractor set of 3

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1 x lower and 2 x upper

The innovative design of the Photo-CAD retractors allows for the best results with photography of the 4 quadrants and during digital impressions with Cad CAM systems.

Photo-CAD are foldable and have a soft surface for the patients best comfort.

PlastiMed is a medical grade plastic rubber, latex-free, hypoallergenic, totally safe for the common plastic allergies and suitable for intraoral use.

The material is opaque and reflection-free.

Photo-CAD can be ergonomically folded and adapted to the patients mouth and to the needs of the photographer.
Contrastors for Intraoral Photography

The Flexipalette is composed of a flexible copper plate covered with plasimed, a medical grade silicone, without latex and hypoallergenic.


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