Procedure Tub Vibrant Green

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1 x Procedure Tub Vibrant Green

Dimensions: 31.12cm x 27.62cm x 6.98cm

The procedure tub is recommended for use as a portable operatiry drawer.

Zirc products are produces with a built-in anti-microbial agent. Essentially it helps the Zirc products to remain cleaner between cleanings, providing an extra level of protection and reassurance.

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– Portable operatory drawer that can store and transport consumable materials
– Materials used during the procedure are delivered from the tub to the doctor, keeping your procedure tray free for instrumentation
– At the end of the day, materials are wiped down and the tub is stored
– Contains Antimicrobial Protection
– Surface Disinfect Only
– Stores consumable materials
– Used as a vehicle to transport items from storage / sterilsation area to operatory


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