Pure Newtron SLIM B.LED Handpiece Blue Light

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1 x Pure Newtron SLIM B.LED Handpiece Blue Light

The Pure Newtron SLIM B.LED handpiece Blue Light has a unique connection to the Pure Newtron range of scalers. The fitting of this handpiece is different to the standard Satelec Newtron.

This Handpiece has been designed for a perfedct balance for complete freedom and it can fit a wide range of tips for multiple clinical purposes.

The Pure Newtron SLIM B.LED Handpiece Blue enables excellent dental plaque and intraoral visibility.

Used together with F.L.A.G, detecting and treating dental plaque can be done simultaniously, clearly identifying the areas to be scaled and for better guidence, treatment and better results.

The blue ring consists of a blue and white LED, providing the accurate colour to reveal dental plaque and correct light to treat the area.

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– Thinner body and more flexible tubing/cable
– Detachable & autoclavable nose cone
– Better grip for perfect treatments
– Titanium internal features
– 6 High Power LED’s (100,000 lux)
– Exchangable and autoclavable light rings
– Class of medical device (according to the 93/42EEC Directive

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