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Ribbond is made from the same super tough fibres used to make bullet proof vests and light weight armour protection for military aircraft. The advantage of using these fibres is that unlike glass fibres that are brittle, the Ribbond fibres mode of failure is not generally fracturing during clinical use. Because these fibres are exceptionally fracture-tough most scissors will not cut the Ribbond effectively without leaving stray uncut fibres. When using Ribbond, it is important that there are zero stray uncut fibres as these fibres can ‘float’ in the composite and become a nuisance to the patient. The Ribbond Starter Kits include specially made scissors for cutting the Ribbond.

The special Ribbond scissors are made of stainless steel and are autoclavable and can used intra-orally. This allows the dentist to trim the end of the Ribbond prior to curing.


1 x Ribbond Scissors

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