Satelec Scaler Tip No 2

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1 x Satelec Scaler Tip No 2

The Satelec Scaler Tip No 2 is indicated for the removal of significant voluminous supra-gingival deposits.

Apply the flat part to the tooth surfaces.

This ultrasonic tip has a tangential orientation with respect to the surface of the tooth. Radical movement to-and-fro for the calculation “push” and “extract” without damaging the enamel.

The Satelec Scaler Tip No2 has a blue colour band (high power and amplitude). to get the most out of this Tip, it must be oriented tangentially to the surface being traeted using a to-and-fro sweeping movement without excessive lateral pressure.

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– Compatible with Satelec ultrasonic devices
– For removal of Voluminous Calculus
– Micro-hardness of the exclusive alloy used in this tip respects the enamel and prevents damage to dental tissue.


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