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4 x 1.2ml Seek syringes
20 x Black Mini Brush tips

GreenSable Seek helps prevent overexcavating deep caries, which can lead to pulp exposure. Nonmineral dentin should be removed to improve the bond strength of the entire restoration.

Red Seek is easily visible on dark dentin and provides a fast, effective way to locate calcified root canal orifices.

The Seek Kit and Sable Seek Kit identify demineralised dentin in difficult-to see places, for example, under the overhanging enamel of Class I, II, or III preparations, or along the DE junction of the preparation.

With highly visible colors and mess-free syringe delivery, Sable Seek and Seek caries indicators make finding caries a simple process of seek and find. They don’t stop the need to use the well-established tactile methods of caries detection using excavators.

– Readily identifies difficult to see caries and root canals.
– Quick and simple to use.
– Provides precise, mess-free delivery.
– Highly visible Sable Seek and Seek caries indicators clearly distinguish demineralised dentin for efficient, confidence-inspiring removal
– Patient-friendly dyes
– The unique green color of Sable Seek indicator prevents overexcavating deep caries, which can lead to pulp exposure
– The vibrant red color of Seek indicator easily identifies root canal orifices


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