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1 x Sharp Spatula OP30C

The OP30C is a dual-purpose dental spatula, crafted for precise manipulation of composite materials in both anterior and posterior restorations. Its innovative design allows for efficient spreading, trimming, and sculpting with exceptional control and finesse. The anterior end features a 0.2mm tip with a subtle curve, perfect for adapting to the tooth’s anatomy and smoothing composites in front teeth areas. This design aids in creating a seamless transition between the composite and the natural tooth, minimizing the need for extensive finishing. For posterior applications, the spatula transitions smoothly to facilitate the creation of precise edges and contours on the mesial sides of teeth. The design ensures a clean separation between composite and matrix systems, allowing for a polished edge with minimal adjustment post-application.

OP30C is part of the Restorative Kit developed in collaboration with Dr. Von Sontagh.

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