Slick Bands XR Kit

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420 x Slick Bands SXR assorted:
100 x Grey
60 x Red
100 x Purple
60 x Blue

The SlickBands XR kit virtually eliminate the problem of difficult to remove matrices. A micro-thin coating bonded to the dead-soft stainless steel and reduces bonding agent adhesion by 92%

The Composi-Tight 3DXR system has taken all the benefits of the original 3D system and built upon them. The tenacious grip and Soft Face technology of the rings; the adaptable fusion wedges and non stick matrix bands with wider sub-gingival extensions, all help to make the Composi-Tight 3DXR system the best choice for all Class II restorative procedures.

Each band has ‘Grab-Tabs’ for easier placement and enables the easy removal. The SXR-series band thickness is .0016″.

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View the full range of Garrison Products

– Eliminates ring “Spring-Off” on short, malpositioned or pedodontic teeth
– Significantly improves retention between the canine and first bicuspid
– Ensures true matrix band adaptation, vastly reducing flash and finishing time, while improving the quality of contacts
– Perfect contact points – approximal separation thanks to hard plastic core
– Ring cannot break – hard plastic reinforcement on the back

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