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1 x Explora long probe
1 x ExtEndo Single Instrument
1 x MisurEndo Double Ended Probe
1 x Prexo M Simplified plugger with innovative design
1 x Multiplo Ruler
1 x Mirror

Smart Endo Kit is the ultimate selection of tools that every dentist, whether you are a general practitioner or an endodontic specialist, are going to need for your everyday practice.

It was developed in collaboration with Style Italiano Endodontics group.

The entire kit is useful for endodontic treatment and retreatment procedures. You will also work occasionally with individual instruments for MB2 scouting, MTA or broken file removal.

Explora: long probe – The long, thin and flexible tip allows you to see better under the magnifying glass. The quality of the steel ensures maximum tactility between the patient’s tooth and the dentist’s hand.

ExtEndo: Single Instrument – The tip is designed to lengthen the length of gutta-percha cones in longer channels. It is thin enough to introduce the point inside the head of the cone. A millimeter scale continues on the stem of the instrument. The shape is also useful for removing gutta-percha along the canal walls.*

MisurEndo: Double Ended Probe – One side has been designed for conventional diagnostic probing. The other side is a guide for correct cavity access, with laser markings 4 (Pulp chamber ceiling – green), 6 (Pulp chamber floor – orange) and 9 (Furcation limit – red).

Prexo M : Simplified plugger with innovative design – The smaller part has rounded edges to facilitate penetration inside the canal and for the gutta-percha plug in the apical region. On the wider side, the teardrop-shaped end allows better control of gutta-percha plugging and better penetration inside the root canal anatomy. This gland is also suitable for the use of biomaterial.

Multiplo: Ruler – A double ruler for measuring rotary and manual files and for adjusting the length of the gutta-percha cone. At one end there is a dedicated area for collecting pre-mixed cements. Two slits, left and right, are useful for guiding the guttapercha cone as it collects the cement.

Mirror : ergonomic and comfortable mirror , with a very resistant technical plastic handle (DMS ).

Mirror and Multiplo can be attached and work as a combined tool.

Deppeler SA has been manufacturing dental instruments with unprecedented accuracy for over 80 years.

Keeping in mind that an ideal instrument is one that fits naturally, with which the work is done perfectly and effortlessly – an extension of the practitioner’s hand, Deppeler are able to offer you instruments tailored to their function and that meet your own expectations.
– Efficiency, like a swiss knife with 5 instruments, 8 shapes for 95% of daily endo work
– Safety, with shapes and angulations being redesigned by endo masters for safe work
– Ergonomy, thanks to steel quality, hand-made manufacturing process and instruments shapes
– Clarity, with color coding for better instrument identification & a special design ruler with a double mixing area for mixing sealers.
– Sterilisable at 134°C
– Monobloc dental hand instruments, in medical grade stainless steel.
– Made in Switzerland, hand-finished.
– The SmartEndo kit is available with round silicone FG handles.

*With heavy lateral pressure, this instrument is likely to break. We recommend replacing the guttapercha in the middle of the canal, and then scratching out along the wall.

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