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Optimise and standardise communication with your technician with Smile Lite

Smile Lite is a revolutionary tool which brings you reliability, simplicity and efficiency. It allows you to drastically reduce the risk of mistakes during shade-taking.

Without the proper tool, shade-taking can become very risky and cause a source of failures when producing an aesthetic restoration.

Several factors can influence an incorrect perception of true colours, like ambient light (intensity, quality) and the working environment. Even human factors like the level of stress or fatigue on the eye can cause shade-taking errors.

Equipped with daylight – 5500K calibrated LED’s, the device allows for consistent conditions for understanding tooth shades.
The polarising filter Style Lense, that can be mounted or removed easily in a second thanks to magnets, is a leading and revolutionary component of Smile Lite. It provides a totally new and unique vision of teeth, tooth structure becomes much easier to appreciate as well as dentine body, characterisation and cracks. The polarising filter allows for a better understanding of the chroma and value of the tooth.

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