Statim Complete Waste Bottle

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1 x Complete Waste Bottle

Which Includes:

1 x Condenser Waste Bottle with Lid
1 x Condensation Coil
1 x Panel Mount Quick Disconnect
1 x Exhaust Tubing Kit
1 x In-Line Quick Disconnect
5 x Cord Clips

The Statim Complete Waste Bottle is a One-of-a-kind design.It allows the removal from the exhaust tubing in one easy step. Simply push and release the quick connect on the lid and the bottle is free from the exhaust tube for easy maintenance.

For use with the Statim 2000 and Statim 5000.

– Self-contained reservoir assembly
– Comes completely assembled – simply connect the exhaust tube.
– 1 gallon capacity
– Material: Polypropylene


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