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1 x Statim/Hydrim Data Logger

Small printers that most often print on thermo-sensitive paper have become commonplace. After several months of storage, such printout loses readability. Most often, the printout is in only one copy.

Electronic registration of cycles is a much better solution. Such registers are easy to archive and store. You can print them as many times as you want on any printer connected to your computer. They are easily connected to electronic patient records.

The Statim/Hydrim Data Logger is an ultramodern system for the registration of sterilisation cycles in STATIM autoclaves and cycles of washing and disinfection in HYDRIM washes. Each register is saved in two formats at the same time PDF and TXT. Each file is digitally signed.

The Data Logger provides a unified monitoring system for sterilisation and cleaning processes in the office, clinics and hospitals.

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